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Fun Facts About The Cable Turtle

What Is A Cable Turtle?

The Cable Turtle is an innovative, award winning and inexpensive cable management system which is taking the world by storm. The Cable Turtle is a uniquely designed cable organization tool which features an appearance similar to that of a turtle shell which is capable of taking excess cables and enclosing them within its shell delivering a neater and cleaner appearance within a room.

How The Cable Turtle Works

The Cable Turtle features a flexible flip open shell which opens to an inner spool where the excess cable is wound around. This inner spool offers inner structural support within the turtle’s shell allowing for excess cabling to be wound around several times without damaging it in any way. Once the cabling is wound around the inner spool to the length required, the shell can then be simply clicked back down into place, securing the cable inside. Fast. Efficient. Time Saving!

The Benefits Of The Cable Turtle

There are many extremely beneficial features that the Cable Turtle can offer anyone from the home owner, to the business man or woman. One of the benefits of the Cable Turtle is that it is portable meaning it can easily be taken with you when on the move, even in a purse or car! Another benefit of this cable management tool is that it can handle up to a 1000W load which makes it suitable for heavier cable types. The Cable Turtle is also able to accommodate for multiple cable sizes making it perfect for use in any application without damaging the cables in any way; it also offers no cross talk even when the cables are wound loosely, and is beneficial for freeing up additional floor space that may be overrun with cables. This cable management tool is extremely easy to use, and is able to blend easily with the surrounding areas with its array of available colors.

Where Can A Cable Turtle Be Use?

The Cable Turtle is an extremely versatile product which makes it ideal for use within most areas where excess cabling may be an issue. The Cable Turtle is perfect for around the home in any room, within schools, large or small businesses, cars, sheds, offices, or anywhere where you can think of! The Cable Turtle is available in 3 sizes: mini, small, large, and can handle cable lengths of 2.5ft, 5.5ft, and 10ft depending on the cables and turtle size used.

What Color Is The Cable Turtle Available In?

The Cable Turtle is available in an array of different colors to suit any new turtle owner. The Cable Turtle is available in Blue, Green, Red, Gray, Black, Orange, Dark Yellow, Light Yellow, Brown, Baby Blue and Baby Pink. Each separate color is capable of easy blending with any surrounding areas it is placed with, and can accommodate personal tastes of all individuals for any application it will be used for.


Overall the Cable Turtle is an innovative, fun, easy to operate and install cable management tool which provides an alternative solution to tacky and bulky cable management systems around the home, office or work place. With its award winning design, excessive cable owners can be certain that the Cable Turtle can not only eliminate cable mess, but replace it with a sleek, attractive and aesthetically pleasing solution that will give a 10 out of 10 in performance first time, every time.

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