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Taxes and Duty

International customers are responsible for any taxes or charges that may be issued with any order processed from CableTurtle.com that uses Express, Express Plus, and USP Worldwide Expedited. Those customers located within Florida will pay sales taxes on products ordered from CableTurtle.com as we our business is located in Florida.



CableTurtle.com, as well as its distributors and manufacturers disclaim all or any warranty types that are not addressed in the Return Guidelines, including (but not limited too) warranties that deal with the saleability of a product, or the suitability of a specific product for operation within a particular application, situation, or environment. If a product features a manufacturing defect, the customer’s compensation of that product will be limited to their choice of either an equivalent product replacement, or a purchase price refund. When placing and issuing an order, customers are willingly wavering any types of claims of personal injury, property damage, lost time, loss of use, income, wages, or profit, and other types of consequential or incidental damages against CableTurtle.com, Inc, their product vendors, and their manufacturers. CableTurtle.com’s distributors and manufacturer’s reserve the right to lower or raise their prices at any given time, or change product specifications without issuing prior notice, or incurring liable obligation for these said actions.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@cableturtle.com, or call us at any time of the day on 1-855-444-7225, and we will answer any enquiries you may have as promptly and thoroughly as possible.