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Cable Turtle Returns Page

CableTurtle.com aims to offer the best quality products, services, processing, and exceptional fast shipping for all its customers! When CableTurtle.com receives your order we will keep you informed as best as we can to the delivery dates (usually between 4-5 days), or when a product is on backorder, and the estimated time it would take for it to be back in stock. If at any time you experience complications or problems with your order, please contact us so we can resolve any issues.

100% Satisfied, Or Your Money Back!

CableTutle.com understands the necessity of customer satisfaction; that is why we have set in place the following return policy to ensure customer satisfaction is met. Please understand that all returns are subjected to a 15% restocking fee, and any certification labels or serial numbers (e.g. brand name, capacity, UL listing, UPC code, etc.) must NOT be altered or removed as this will interfere with and void your CableTurtle.com return policy.

  • 90 Day Return Policy: A replacement or refund on any product must be processed within the 90 calendar day time frame issued. Replacements and returns issued outside of this time frame will not be subjected to any of these actions.
  • Non-returnable/non-cancelled products: Non-returnable/non-cancelled marked products are not subjected or eligible for return. Please ensure you are 100% committed to any products that are marked in this manner.


Manufacturer Restrictions

CableTurtle.com works with manufacturers to bring you the best selection of products on today’s market. Any product that has been shipped directly from the manufacturing facility is classed as drop ship items, which fall within this specific category. Specific manufacturers have a standard 25% restocking fee that is subjected and applied to items that are returned within the 30 day margin. This restocking fee, however, would not apply if the specific product had been delivered defective before shipment, or a mistake was made at our end. Any returned products must be repacked within the original packaging, and be in a resalable condition to quality for credit.


Out-of-Stock/Backorder/Discontinued Items

Returns of discontinued items will be given an option of receiving a current market value refund, less the restocking fee, or the choice of accepting a comparable replacement item. Customers should understand that the value refund may not meet or exceed the original price listed on the invoice. If a return is issued for a Backorder, or Out of Stock, product the customer will be contacted by a representative to request an alternative item.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are not subjected to a refund because they are deemed unusable for resale to the public. The only circumstances that will issue a refund on a customized product, is that if the item appears defective due to the manufacturing process.

Defective Product/Incorrect Product

If you have received an incorrect or defective product, please don’t hesitate to contact us for an RMA so that we are able to replace it for you at no extra cost. The returning item must be returned in its original packaging, as well as be in as-new condition with all the relative information such as warranty cards, accessories or any other item associated sent back with it. Once we received your return, please allow up to 5 business days for the product to be processed.

Ordered the wrong size or color?

If you have ordered the wrong size, or color, and would like to exchange the product, please contact us for an RMA number. If you wish to receive a replacement, once the returned product is processed, the new replacement product will be sent to you. If the replacement product is needed urgently, then it is best to request a credit (other than a replacement) when you retain the RMA number. After this has been issued, you can then place a new order, it will be shipped out if the product is available, and approximately within 7 days after we receive the product(s) in its original packaging (and within 90 days) credit will be applied. If the item is damaged it will not be refunded if it is deemed non-resellable. Recommendation of insuring your package is advisable.

Shipping Charges

As we know not everyone is perfect, there may be an issue where a defective or incorrect item may be sent to you; in an instance such as this, CableTurtle.com is happy to facilitate the replacement and return of the product, while covering any charges on shipping that may occur in this process. If items are returned for other circumstances, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate the shipping charges.

How to Process a Return

  1. Check Your Package: ORIGINAL PACKAGING is REQUIRED when issuing a return. The item being returned MUST be deemed in a resalable condition, meaning all materials that were issued with the product such as accessories, warranty, manuals and documentation etc, must be returned with the returning product. If the package returns and does not meet selected guidelines issued by the above listed, then CableTurtle.com reserves the right to not honor the return as it is deemed un-resellable.
  2. Contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization: For customer returns to be processed quickly and efficiently, all returns are required to be accompanied by an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). To receive this RMA number, please contact the friendly staff at CableTurtle.com for assistance and support for your return. Phone: 1-855-444-7225, or email us at: info@cableturtle.com


Ship Your Return: CableTurtle.com wants your return experience to be hassle-free, thus recommending you to fully insure any returning products so that the package, and you are protected in the event that at any time the package may become damaged, or lost in transit. Shipping through FedEx, and UPS provides traceable shipments, and offers a proof-of-delivery feature that ensures the package has reached its intended location. We recommend that you also use a carrier that uses both proof-of-delivery and tracking capabilities, as well as retain the tracking number for future references. Please understand that any additional postage charges are non-refundable, and that CableTurtle.com does not take responsibility for packages that may become damaged or lost during transit. This also includes packages that are sent via USPS to an overseas or international destination.



Cable Turtle.com, as well as its distributors and manufacturers disclaim all or any warranty types that are not addressed in the Return Guidelines in the above, including (but not limited too) warranties that deal with the saleability of a product, or the suitability of a specific product for operation within a particular application, situation, or environment. If a product features a manufacturing defect, the customer’s compensation of that product will be limited to their choice of either an equivalent product replacement, or a purchase price refund. When placing and issuing an order, customers are willingly wavering any types of claims of personal injury, property damage, lost time, loss of use, income, wages, or profit, and other types of consequential or incidental damages against CableTurtle.com, Inc, their product vendors, and their manufacturers. CableTurtle.com’s distributors and manufacturer’s reserve the right to lower or raise their prices at any given time, or change product specifications without issuing prior notice, or incurring liable obligation for these said actions.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@cableturtle.com, or call us at any time of the day on 1-855-444-7225, and we will answer any inquiries you may have as promptly and thoroughly as possible.