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How It Works

The cable turtle is an impressive, new aged, innovative cable organization tool that is taking the world by storm. The cable turtle is a lightweight device which mimic’s a turtle shell allowing for excessive, bulky and unruly cables to disappear within its specially designed exterior for a neater and more aesthetically pleasing outcome. The cable turtle uses a unique design which, not only is user friendly, but also offers cable protection against wear and tear applications. Here is how the cable turtle works.


The Open/Close Shell Design

The cable turtle is specially developed with an open/close shell design that makes the loading of the cables quicker and easier for all individuals. The open/close shell design provides a safe locking mechanism which allows the turtle to be opened easily, or clicked together securing any excess cables within. This shell design also offers easy handling, and doesn’t pose any risk to users with its smoothed edged appearance.


The Inner Spool Design

Along with the open/close shell design the cable turtle also possesses an inner spool which sits vertically within the shell. The inner spool provides a baseline for excess cables to be wound around neatly to reduce cable damage; it also offers no signal loss, distortion, or cross-talk interference from cables being too loose or too tight. This inner spool also helps to hold the cable turtle’s structure and integrity providing a strong and reliable cable organization tool.


How To Use The Cable Turtle

Using the cable turtle has never been easier. Unlike many cable organization tools, the cable turtle offers 3 easy steps for optimal cable management and a cleaner floor space. To use the cable turtle, simply follow these easy instructions:

  1. Hold the cable turtle, and using your fingers, pull open the shell to expose the inner spool
  2. Next take the excess cable and carefully wrap it around the inner spool, then place the ends of the cables neatly in the 2 hole areas on the outer edges
  3. Carefully close the cable turtle until the shell is locked into place ensuring the cable ends sit neatly within the 2 holes on the sides. Once this is done the cable turtle can now be placed in a desired area within a room.
How to wind the Cable Turtle


The cable turtle is a trustworthy and reliable cable organization device that is perfect for young and old alike. Whether you’re a housewife, a tradesman, or even an office worker, the cable turtle is the perfect solution to eliminate messy, unruly, and excessive cabling.